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About Us

At Raw Rituals, we create handmade and nature inspired daily self-care rituals that are simple and effortless to use. We bridge the gap between long lost Indian rituals and the unique modern therapeutic essentials found in various ingredients. We are lovers of ingredients derived from nature. Nature isn’t just beautiful. Even in small doses, it changes the way we feel about our environment and ourselves.

Our products are handcrafted in extremely small batches to ensure high levels of quality and consistency.

We are a cruelty free organization. We love nature as much as we love animals and thus, none of our ingredients or products are tested on animals. We source our raw material only from suppliers who have No animal testing policy.

We insist on following ways of natural healing for self-care. Hence, our products do not comprise of any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, lathering agents, emulsifiers, or any other chemical ingredients. The ingredients combined to create each of Raw Rituals Products are listed on the packaging. All Raw Rituals Self-care products are:

Free of SLS, SLEs and other detergent/ detergent like products

Free of Paraben

Free of Preservatives

Free of synthetic and chemical fragrances

Free of Alcohol

Free of synthetic and artificial colors

Not tested on animals

Before beginning the formulation of a new product, we first conduct extensive research. We follow systematic process to understand the ingredients, its reaction with combining ingredients, methods to combine the ingredients, storage of the crafted products, effect on using the products, shelf-life and extensive user feedback.

Hope you enjoy pampering your skin with the purest natural Raw Rituals products.

Because “You owe it to your skin” 😉