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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple… why would we apply chemicals to our skin that we wouldn’t feel right about ingesting?

Our skin is our biggest organ, it acts as a shield protecting our bodies from harm and it mimics what is going on internally.

It seems a little counterproductive that we spend time and money on nurturing our insides but then abuse our skin by slathering and ‘suffocating’ it with toxic chemicals.

At Raw Rituals, we create a range of skin care for the face & body using only 100% pure plant based and botanically derived ingredients  to naturally nurture your skin. All our products are free from any kind of chemicals and preservatives.

Our processes are kept as ‘raw’ as possible. This allows not only your skin to perform better but also means the ingredients retain as many nutrients as possible and will function at their best without the interference of synthetic additives.

By choosing Raw Rituals to treat & maintain your precious skin,

you’re not only giving your skin a fighting chance to correct and heal itself safely by absorbing the nutritious botanically derived ingredients we put into each product – you’re helping to support a more sustainable and bountiful environment AND you’re playing a part in encouraging cruelty free skin care!

So worth it, right??

We firmly believe that beauty isn’t just skin deep.

We take pride in using natural/organic unrefined butters, natural Clays,

plant, floral & food derived natural/organic cold pressed oils & 100% pure essential oils from around the world, so that your skin, body & mind can perform at its peak.

All because “You owe it to your skin”