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Fuller’s Earth face and body bar


Our hand crafted Fuller’s Earth face and body bar is a blessing for every skin directly from our very own Earth. It helps in reducing acne and blemishes, enhances glow, promotes healthy and clear skin, absorbs excess oil, reduces black heads and white heads. Tea Tree essential oil works wonder for acne prone skin as it is antibacterial in nature.

Use twice daily

For all skin types

12 months from Mfg Date

Should not be left in water

INGREDIENTS : Pure Coconut & Palm Oil, Sucrose, Vegetable Glycerin, Demineralized Water, Fuller’s Earth Powder, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vitamin E
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Raw Rituals rich face and body bars gently cleanses, lavishes and nourishes the skin. Th

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e glycerin, which moisturizes and prevents moisture loss when combined with an aromatherapy blend of essential oils clears your mind so you can relax.

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Made with Vegetable glycerin, these bars are free from SLS/SLES or any other kind of surfactants are very gentle on skin and does not make them dry.

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Weight 100 g

100 GMs


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