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Oriental Therapy Face Scrub (For all skin types)


Ground aduki beans remove dead skin cells when used on the skin as an exfoliating powder. They polish the skin, leaving it healthy and renewed. Ground aduki beans absorb excess dirt and oils from the skin. They help to stimulate areas where circulation is slow and work well with the warming effects of the other ingredients. Removes dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil. Enhances blood circulation and cell renewal so as to make skin healthy and plum.

2-3 times in a week

For all skin types

6 months from Mfg Date

Store in a cool dark place

INGREDIENTS : Organic Adzuki beans, French Pink clay, Rose petals powder, Rice flour, Rhassoul clay, Fuller’s earth powder, Organic Green tea powder, Orange peel powder, Organic Grinded Oats.
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Organic Ground aduki beans - Organic Ground aduki beans have been used in skin care ritu

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als since ancient times. They remove dead skin cells when used on the skin as an exfoliating powder. They polish the skin, leaving it healthy and renewed. Aduki beans contain a natural foaming agent called saponin that helps cleanse pores by absorbing excess oils, removing dead skin, unclogging pores and promoting circulation. Rhassoul clay - Rhassoul clay is a naturally occurring clay that has been in use for centuries. We use Moroccon Rhassoul clay which is very rich in minerals. It lessens dryness, enhances skin clarity and elasticity and has extractive abilities(Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around clogged hair follicles ) that confiscate impurities and unblock pores, even stubborn blackheads resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin. Organic green tea - Organic green tea is power packed with antioxidants which helps in combating free radicals. It calms skin inflammation, reduces dryness and helps in attaining smooth andd glowing skin. Geranium essential oil - Geranium essential oil helps in promoting beautiful and radiant skin. It soothes acne and inflammation and promotes blood circulation. It helps in fading away spots and even tones skin.

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Handmade fresh with no chemicals or preservatives of any kind. Made with cold pressed carrier and essential oils. We do not use perfume oils or aroma oils. Only the best natural products directly from Mother Earth are used in our products.

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