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Under Eye Cream for Dark circles & Puffiness


Raw Rituals Under eye cream is infused with Green tea & Arabica coffee beans so as to speed up the healing process of the skin. This gentle yet wonderful cream will help reduce puffiness, redness and dark circles around the eyes, as well as refresh and reduce wrinkles! Blueberry; especially for eyes, helps circulation, high in antioxidants, reduces redness, tones and rejuvenates skin. Argan oil; reduces puffiness, Roship seed oil rehydrates the skin and helps in cell regeneration where as cucumber oils soothes and calms eye area.

Apply on cleansed face

For all skin types

6 months from Mfg Date

Store in a cool dark place

INGREDIENTS : Organic unrefined Beeswax, Green tea infused Almond oil, Coffee infused Avocado oil , Organic Cocoa butter , Cucumber oil , Coconut oil , Rosehip seed oil , Lavender, carrot seed and Turmeric essential oils, Vitamin E
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Green tea infused Almond oil - Green tea is rich in antioxidants and tannins. They help

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stimulate blood circulation and help tighten and lighten the skin. Sweet Almond oil - Sweet almond oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, so it reduces puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles. It's a good source of vitamin K, which improves clotting, reducing discoloration under the eyes. It contains palmatic acid and retinol, which moisturize delicate under-eye skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Arabica coffee beans infused Avocado oil - Caffeine in Arabica bean helps shrink blood vessels around your eye, thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. Avocado oil - Fatty acids, vitamin A, C, D and E present in Avocado oil will hydrate dry skin under eyes. Nutrients in this oil help to enhance elasticity of the skin and stimulate blood circulation around the eyes. Carotenoids housed in this oil fight age related degeneration and protects your skin under eyes from wrinkles. Rosehip seed oil - Rosehip seed oil is made from rosehip fruit. it contains rich vitamin C. Besides, Rosehip oil also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, linolenic acids, and linolenic etc. So, Rosehip oil is a good choices to help people with wrinkles and dark circles. It can help to reduce the crow's feet around the eyes and also cure the dark circles.

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Handmade fresh with no chemicals or preservatives of any kind. Made with cold pressed carrier and essential oils. We do not use perfume oils or aroma oils. Only the best natural products directly from Mother Earth are used in our products.

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